Jeremiah 31:14, “I will feast the soul of the priests with abundance, and my people shall be satisfied with my goodness, declares YHWH.”

The feasting of the priests on abundance and the satisfying of the people with God’s own goodness seems to be parallel concepts. The abundance on which the priests will feast is the goodness of YHWH….

Now, consider that YHWH’s goodness is Himself made known—His Name declared (Exodus 33:18-19+34:6-7). Consider also that the priests were to eat the sacrifice made to the Lord (Leviticus 6:26, etc), thus it might be realistically said here that the feasting of the priests carries a sacrificial overtone.

Why are these considerations significant? Well, without expounding it as fully as it deserves, suffice to say that the Lord will satisfy His people with His own Name made known to them (His goodness), and He will do so by feasting them on the abundance of the ultimate sacrifice—the flesh and blood of the incarnate Son (John 6:53-58).

How is the goodness of God manifest to His people for their eternal satisfaction in Himself? How is His kingdom of priests feasted the Lord’s own abundance? Indeed, how is the mourning of His people turned to joy and their sorrow in to gladness (31:13)? It is all achieved through the ransom anticipated in Jeremiah 31:11, the lifting up and pouring out of God the Son on the cross of Calvary….Hallowed be His Name!

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