Isaiah 6:3, “Holy, Holy, Holy is YHWH of hosts, the whole earth is full of His glory.”

All creation bears witness to the beauty of who God is, and to those for whom the veil is removed, this is the beauty of the Son.

I was recently listening to a class by Dr. Bruce Waltke on Psalm 19 (“the heavens declare the glory of God…”) and was considering how I might portray the “silent eloquence” of the heavens visually. What does it mean for the heavens to declare God’s glory?

Well, we know from Romans 1 that all of creation bears witness to God’s power and authority, revealing enough of who He is to condemn those who willfully supress the truth about Him (aka, everybody). But what about for the Christian?  For the Christian, creation declares to us not just the glory of a generic and powerful Creator to whom we are responsible, but it declares to us the glory of the Triune God, of the God who has revealed Himself in His crucified and risen Son….the Christian the glory of God declared in the world is synonymous with the beauty of Jesus.

So, I wanted to draw something that shows the beauty of creation as a “pointer” to and witness of the beauty of who God is, which is the beauty of the slain and risen Son….however, since this picture involves all of creation–not just the heavens–I decided to use a different base passage than Psalm 19, namely, Isaiah 6:3.

May our Spirit-opened, scripture-washed, Son-enamored eyes read the book of Creation today and everyday in a way that mediates the beauty of God in Christ to our souls, for our good, His glory, and joy of the world.

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