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What is Full of Eyes Ministry?

What is Full of Eyes?

The Need:

  • Many are still blind to the beauty of God in Jesus Christ.
    • Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. There is no reality more satisfying, more joy-giving, or more beautiful than Him. to know Him as Lord and Treasure is to live, to know Him as anything else (i.e., good teacher, loving example, religious figure head) is - ultimately - death.
    • The need that drives me to the work of Full of Eyes is that there are many who have not yet seen Jesus as soul-compellingly beautiful, many to whom He is boring and best and hateful at worst (there are also many who have seen some glimpse of Him and long to see more, I would put myself in this camp). My desire - by the grace of God and the work of His Spirit - is to see this change.

How Full of Eyes Addresses that Need:

  • Full of Eyes seeks to visually proclaim the glory of God in Christ as taught in scripture.
    • Animations and pictures are the primary way we do this. The visual media are an uniquely effective tool the Lord has given us for communication, especially in the 21st century's image-laden culture. My goal is to use these visual media as a way to pierce the heart and to haunt the mind with scripturally-informed imagery of Christ. I hope to leverage the defense-bypassing power of beauty so as to seed the viewer with biblical truth and – as is my prayer – ultimately drive them to the scriptures, to Christ, and to His Church.
    • Companion study guides that pair together with animations, as well as blog posts etc. about certain pictures, are my attempt to firmly anchor the visuals created by FOE to the scriptures. Imagery will always be secondary when it comes to declaring the glory of God in Christ, and so I want to make an explicit link between the imagery I am sharing and the words of scripture from which they spring
  • Full of Eyes has 4 Emphases that drive the ministry
    • Biblical - The Bible is God's authoritative revelation of Himself. All the imagery that FOE creates is to be drawn from and submitted to scripture.
    • Christocentric - FOE will focus its creative efforts on exploring the person and work of Jesus Christ, especially at the cross, where God most clearly communicates Himself to us (for a further explanation of this focus, watch this video).
    • Evangelistic - The resources that FOE creates are designed to help people taste and see that Jesus Christ is infinitely good and heart-satisfyingly beautiful. The goal of each piece of art created by FOE is to push people closer to the biblical Christ, so that unbelievers are brought to Him and Christians are kept in Him.
    • Affectional - Great realities warrant great heart responses. At FOE, my goal is to help people "feel" affections that are in some manner fitting with the nature of the truth being communicated. Because the gospel of Christ's glory is a stunning truth, my prayer is that the heart's of those who absorb FOE resources would be moved in accordance with it.

Why Free?

  • I make everything available for free because this seems like the best way to get my content before the most number of eyes and so to do the most for the glory of God in Christ.

 What Do You Believe?

  • For an explanation of the ministry's philosophy, you can read through these six blog posts (1,2,3,4,5,6).
  • For a detailed explanation of my doctrine, see the Bethlehem Elder Affirmation of Faith.
  • You can watch the videos below for answers to some basic questions about FOE's beliefs and practices.