Matthew 6:34, “…do not be anxious about tomorrow…”

The heart of Sovereign Love revealed at the cross is the same that authors all our days…let us receive them, read them, and endure them in hope, knowing that–because our God is risen–the ending is joy beyond imagination.

I am often tempted to be eaten up with anxiety…I’m not unique in that, I know, but it doesn’t make the battle against worrying any less real or any less serious….anxiety is fear, and fear–as scripture always reminds us–is unbelief.

One of the big sources of fear/anxiety for me is unknown, amorphous, future suffering…and when those things press in heavily, the absolute sovereignty of God and the absolute goodness of His heart (both of which we see most clearly at Calvary) are my “strong tower”…..therefore, I’ve drawn quite a few versions of this same picture 🙂

It is a constant encouragement to me and one I need to remember again and again….the one who authors every tomorrow is the God I meet in the pages of scripture, in the person of Christ, on the cross of Calvary, in the empty tomb and–praise God–on the throne of the universe….that is strong encouragement to a wavering, and fear-inclined soul.

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