Here are two pictures regarding the “Armor of God” …one from a more “classic” perspective, and one from a more theological/symbolic perspective.

Armor 2 Armor 1

I wanted to emphasize that CHRIST is our strength, not the “armor.” It seems that often this passage is used to “pump up” Christians in the fight of life, as if God “suits us up” and then sends us to the battlefield to make Him proud….this is simply not the case.

This passage is grounded in our utter dependence on Christ (see verse 10, “Be strong IN THE LORD and in the strength of HIS might). Apart from desperate dependence on the living Christ, we could no more put on this armor (v.11) than a newborn could pilot an F-16 fighter jet. I was hoping to make that clear in these images.


  1. Devlin Hasson
    May 20, 2015

    Hey Chris

    You know, as I read what you say here it reminds me of the footprints story. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it but it goes something like this:

    At the end of his life a man was shown his life as footprints in the sand. And at the point of his salvation a second pair of footprints appeared and these belonged to Christ. And every now and then it would go back to one set of footprints, then back to two sets and the man looked at those and said that those were the times he felt alone and asked Christ where He was during those times. And Christ replied and told him that the remaining set of footprints was not his but Christs and the reason his footprints were missing is because Christ was carrying him.

    Now that’s a cute story but it’s not true at all. In the first place there wouldn’t be initial footprints before salvation because we’re dead, and corpses don’t walk. And from where our corpses used to lie up till the end there is only ever one set of footprints because Christ carries us for every single step of the way.

    I absolutely agree with you in what you say. Thank you for a great reminder. We can sometimes loose track of that and find ourselves in a place where we’re leaning on ourselves.

    Thanks bro
    Have an awesome week.

    • Full of Eyes
      May 20, 2015

      Hey Dev,

      Yes, I totally agree with your critique of that story and am happy to hear your more biblical reinterpretation of it!


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