There are three ways to support Full of Eyes


I’ve recently partnered together with The Gaius Project. The Gaius Project is a non-profit ministry that exists to support Christians in the arts.

When you make a one time or monthly donation to Full of Eyes through the Gaius Project, I will receive 100% of the donation (minus Paypal’s minimal fees) and – if desired – you will receive the benefits of a tax-deductible donation. To donate to Full of Eyes through the Gaius Project, click the donate button below.

NOTE: If you’re viewing this page on a mobile browser, you wan’t be able to make a re-occurring donation. If you’d like to support this ministry monthly, you’ll have to click on the donate button below via desktop browser. Thanks!



Another support option is to become a monthly supporter through Patreon by clicking the orange logo below. Patreon is sort of a fusion between crowd-funding and social media.






If you’d like to go the old fashioned way and send tax deductible gift by check through the Gaius Project. Send me an email and I can get you the relevant information.



Thank you so much for considering any of the options, and most of all, thank you for your prayers.



  1. Silvio
    February 25, 2015

    Paz e Amor.

  2. David
    March 20, 2015

    Im donating right now……….God bless

  3. Sven Remon Johannesson
    March 24, 2015

    hello. my name is Sven . I am also an artist of the house of our LOYAL AND TRUE GOD . also design and graphics in 2D and 3D mood. web and some interaction . I want to be in a team like of you . because in the local church where I congregated , too much rivalry. and Interez is the glory of man and not of God. too many people who prefer to dull the luster of neighbor , to look brighter . and for this reason , not as eloquent and full of art messages occur as do units . want you to know that if requested my assistance in any production , count me !!!!! clear !!!! I ask you to pray for me and my relationship with our God. there I leave a link of what I do .

    THE ALL MIGHTY continue thriving in your work

  4. Jojuana
    June 10, 2015

    wonderful videos , we saw that God is in your life through than you spend . The beauty of the face of Christ .


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