Where Are The New Posts? – A Brief Update

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Progress screen shot


I’m not sure how many people follow this blog, it seems that most of my online interaction happens on the Full of Eyes Facebook page. However, I wanted to give any concerned blog readers and update and explanation as to why regular posts haven’t been appearing lately. Basically, it comes down to the amount of time the next animation, The Name of God, has been taking up.

This has been one of the most intensive animations I’ve yet created and has been absorbing the lion’s share of my time these last few weeks. However, my hope is to have it released exactly one week from today. After it releases, I am looking forward to getting back into a regular blog-updating rhythm again since its good for me to keep my thinking and writing muscles exercised through this outlet. Until then, thanks for your patience, and–if you haven’t already–follow the Full of Eyes Facebook page for new content every week day.

Yours in Christ,


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