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Genesis 5:29

Genesis 5:29
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Genesis 5:29, “Out of the ground YHWH has cursed, this one shall bring us relief…”

These are the words spoken over Noah at his birth, and Noah in some sense fulfills them in that he goes on to grow vineyards, tangibly bringing a source of relief up from the cursed earth (Gen. 9:20). However, as you can see from today’s picture, I think there is a far deeper and more comprehensive fulfillment to be found in Jesus who—as the fullness of all of God’s saving work—is the True Noah, the True Bringer of Relief.

Ultimately, relief for the painful toil of the human race comes only as the incarnate Son descends—like a seed—into the “ground YHWH has cursed”…descending into the cursed ground figuratively in His endurance of the fullness of the curse in Himself, as well as literally in that He bears the thorns of the curse as His crown (Gen.3:18, Jn 19:5), and enters the earth itself through His death and burial.

And yet, Jesus’s descent as the cursed one into the cursed ground is a descent embraced in obedient love to the Father and redeeming love to His Bride, and so it is a descent that secures His ascent….it is a death that achieves resurrection (Heb.13:20). Up from that same cursed ground, Jesus rises as the Firstfruits of the New Creation (1 Cor.15:20), as the True Vine in union to whom alone relief is found (Jn 15:5), and as the True Wine Maker from whose wounds flow the Good Wine of nuptial joy, poured out so that the Brazen Harlot might become the Virgin Bride (Jer.3:1 + Jer. 31:4).

Truly, in and of Christ, we can say, “Out of the ground that YHWH has cursed, this one HAS brought us relief…” It is true now for those who turn to Him, and it will become manifestly true with His appearing; may we wait and work in faith and the love that flows from hope until that day.