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John 13:3

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John 13:3, ‘Jesus, [knew] that the Father had given all things into His hands…’

These same hands into which all things have been given are the hands that would be pierced by Roman nails. Yes, part of the ‘all things’ delivered into the Son’s hands is the suffering, sorrow, death, and damnation of His people, and by receiving these things in the perfection of His love, He turns them too into His subjects, into banner-bearers of His glory and servants of His people’s joy (John 17:1-5, John 20:25, 28).

The wounds of violent murder become heralds of peace, the marks of death become witnesses of indestructible life, and the nail given into the hand of the crucified Christ becomes the scepter of cosmic kingship wielded by the risen Christ. Into these hands—the slain and risen hands—have all things been given, and all authority—in heaven and on earth—has been entrusted….and we too are in those same hands, may we live in that confidence even today.