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Psalm 36:7-8

Psalm 36:7-8
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Psalm 36:7-8, “How precious is your steadfast love, O God! The children of mankind take refuge in the shadow of your wings. They feast on the abundance of your house, and you give them drink from the river of your delights.”

In this passage, the steadfast love of the Lord (which is essential to His unique identity, Ex. 34:6-7) is manifested in that humanity is able to take refuge in Him. That YHWH is the refuge to any and all who look to, trust in, and depend upon Him IS the expression of His steadfast love, and so IS the expression of His character. He shows Himself to be Himself as He becomes the refuge for His people.

Refuge from what? Certainly there are many answers, but I would suggest that God’s steadfast love is ultimately shown in that He is a refuge to His people from the wrath that their sins have incurred. We see this in Ex. 34:6-7. There YHWH’s steadfast love and faithfulness are the basis upon which Moses appeals to YHWH to “pardon our iniquity and our sin and take us for your inheritance” (Ex.34:9). The wrath of God is like a storm about to break over the heads of His sinful people, and yet the steadfast love of God is like a Rock in whose riven side His people may seek refuge.

And see that precisely IN the act of taking refuge in God, His people feast on the fullness of His house and drink from the river of His delight (that is, the river of His own joy).
Now, this all speaks to us of Christ. The crucified and risen Jesus is the steadfast love and faithfulness—the Name—of God incarnate. And as such, He Himself is the Riven Rock, the Refuge, in whom the children of mankind take refuge from the storm of wrath. And it is as we take refuge in Him that we find ourselves feasted on the fullness of God’s own house (who is the Son) and satisfied with the river of God’s own joy (who is the Spirit).

On Calvary YHWH spreads His wings from East to West that all who will may shelter under their shadow. Those who do will find the cross to be the table of God’s own fullness whereupon is laid the bread who is Himself, and from which flows the river of Life who is His own Spirit and joy.