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Psalm 97:9

Psalm 97:9
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Psalm 97:9, “For you, O YHWH, are most high over all the earth; you are exalted for above all gods.”

YHWH is exalted above all other gods, and we see this most clearly when YHWH incarnate is lifted up (exalted) as the wrath absorbing sacrifice for His people.

The bloody wood of the cross is an infinitely higher throne than the golden altars and silicon palaces of the dead gods to which we give ourselves….Every other god ultimately comes only to take, manipulate, and deceive…..but this God—the True God—gives Himself to the uttermost so that rebels and enemies might be made children and friends.

When Jesus Christ is lifted on Calvary—a place where the man-made gods of the world see shame and foolishness—YHWH definitively declares Himself to be the True God and True Lord and True Sovereign over all the earth….Yes, the glorious “shame” of Christ exalted on the cross throws every false “glory” down in lasting shame.