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Revelation 17:16

Revelation 17:16
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In Revelation 17:16 we get a horrific description of the Beast’s hatred for the Prostitute. What makes this so startling is that the Prostitute was riding on/depending on/in league with the Beast just a few verses earlier….it’s a vivid picture of the hatred that underlies any veneer of “love” that Satan and the world that follows in his paths offers those who depend on them.

And then what struck me was how perfectly the Beast’s treatment of the Prostitute paralleled the Lamb’s treatment of His Bride. So, I wanted to try to visually draw out those inverted parallels with this image. The verse is below as is the description of the parallel concepts…

Revelation 17:16, “…the beast will hate the prostitute. They will make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with fire…”

But, the Lamb loves His Bride, and covers her shame with blood-washed robes of righteousness, He gives her His own flesh and blood as spiritual food, and He bears the fires of wrath in her place.

The monstrosity of the antichrist’s hatred for the prostitute casts the beauty of Christ’s love for His bride in a clearer light.