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Save – An Animation

Save - An Animation


Songs used with permission. ( www.twentyonepilots.com )

The cry for salvation is not a half hearted choice – it’s not a decision made lightly – eternal life comes when we realize that we are utterly helpless and desperate for the salvation that is found only in Jesus Christ – the Son of God. He stands ready to receive ANY who would cry out to Him.

The two songs used are by the band Twenty One Pilots. These guys put out some amazing music! I’ve posted the lyrics below.


I won’t take much of your time
I just want you to see
What I have made inside these lines
It’s as good as I can be
This is all that I can be…
Head tilted down, knees on the ground
I will ask – please – SAVE ME!

I deserve for you to turn away
I was ashamed to speak your name
I can’t believe that all you see
Is that you have covered me gracefully
You’re all I want to be
You’re all I’ll ever need…

Jesus -please – SAVE ME!

I won’t take much of your time
Just enough, for you to save me

I will tell you what I can
But your minds will take a stand
I sing of a Greater Love
Let me know when you’ve had enough…

Download the original file here: http://www.vimeo.com/30207460