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The End of Night – An Animation

The End of Night - An Animation


Music by The Lockwoods

Lyrics by Christopher Powers

I heard the voice of Jesus say “My child, do not fear.” //  “But Lord,” replied my trembling heart, “The darkness is so near.” // “It rises up before my eyes, it quenches every light. // With cruel and hopeless words it weaves a world that ends in night.” // And then I heard the darkness say what horrors lay in store // Descent to restless misery in madness evermore. // “Come now, my slave,” the darkness said, “And dwell within my lies. // Where melting mirrors reflect your fears and hope, like all things, dies.” // “Oh Lord!” I cried, “please give me light, my suffr’ing who can tell? // Come down in to this damn’ed night, with hope, invade my hell.” // And then from depths immeasurable a new voice came to me. // “This very threat that you so fear I bore upon the Tree.” // “And should you fall into the pit that you most deeply fear // There you will find by Calvr’y’s love my heart to yours draws near. // “So turn, my son, my trembling son, lies cannot dwell in Light. // Look on the Truth, believe my Love, I Am the End of Night.”