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The Gospel – VII – Consummation

The Gospel - VII - Consummation
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– Part VII-


Through faith-union to God the Son, wrought by the indwelling Spirit of God, a once scattered and rebellious people have become the unified and sanctified Bride of Christ. Because of the incarnation of God in Christ, the Church truly is bone of God’s bones, and flesh of God’s flesh, united in one Spirit with her Maker who is now her Husband

Where the risen Christ is, so also the Church will be. The day is coming when the people of God from all times and places will join their Head and Husband in bodily resurrection within a resurrected universe in which the beauty of God’s name as revealed in His Son will fill and pervade all things even as the waters fill and pervade the sea.

And in that consummation of all things, the Harlot-Turned-Bride—the blood bought people of God—will (by virtue of their union to God in their union to the Risen Christ), will drink from the River of God’s own delight Who is the Spirit, and will feast on the Fullness of God’s own house, Who is the Son.

She—we—will, for all eternity and with ever-increasing capacity, be gathered into the Joy of God’s own Triune Life, carried on the wings of the Spirit’s endless unfolding of the Son’s beauty further up and further in to the all-satisfying, inexhaustible, beatific ecstasy of all that God is for her in the slain and risen Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the end for which humanity—and all the universe—was made: to be fully known and loved by God in Christ and so to fully know and love God in Christ, and so to fully glorify God in Christ….This is the consummation for which our mind, heart and body ache in every longing that pierces this life. And it is to THIS great end that the Triune God calls us when He calls us to come to Christ and die that we might rise with Christ and truly live. My hope for this series is that all who read these words would answer that call and embrace the Crucified Christ as Lord and God and Treasure, now and increasingly so for endless ages to come—amen.

(The above is based largely on Habakkuk 2:14, and Revelation 21:1-4. However, you will also notice allusions to and dependence on many other texts).