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Visual Exegesis – Book Preview


Although Full of Eyes is primarily focused on the creation of animations, over the last year and a half I’ve also made quite a few still pictures for the monthly supporters of the ministry and various other occasions. Upon the encouragement of some of those closest to me, I’ve decided to compile what I think are the most helpful of these images into an art book called Visual Exegesis Vol.I  which I hope to release this Spring (in Portuguese, English, and Spanish).

The word “Exegesis” is derived from two Greek words basically meaning to “draw out.” In biblical studies, exegesis is the process of studying the text, understanding the author’s original intent, and then “drawing out” and explaining that intent to others. Traditionally, this explanatory and declarative phase of exegesis is in the form of a sermon or a book. However, in visual exegesis the intent of a passage of scripture is declared through imagery rather than word. That is what the art of Full of Eyes seeks to be, a visual drawing out of the words of God in the bible.

So, in the upcoming art book, I try to highlight the exegetical element in each image. The book has a picture on one page and a description of how the text was translated into image on the other. My goal here is to strength the tether between word and image so that the imagery might deepen our understanding of scripture, and scripture would enlighten our understanding of the image. Take a look at a sample page from the book below and please join in praying with me that this book would be a service to Christ’s church and a means for the exaltation of YHWH’s name and word among the nations.


Take a look at a preview page from the new book here.