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What Child Is This? – An Animation

What Child Is This? - An Animation

This animation draws especially on Isaiah 25:6-9. In that passage, Isaiah envisions the day of YHWH’s eschatological salvation of His people as a great feast prepared by the Lord on the mountain of Zion (Is. 25:6). On the day of the feast–which implies table fellowship between man and man, and God and humanity–on the day of the feast, God’s people will be satisfied with true food and drink (Is. 55:1-3) while God Himself will swallow up their death forever (Is. 25:7-8). And it will be precisely in this swallowing up of death that YHWH will make Himself definitively known to all people (Is. 25:9).

In the imagery of this animation, I wanted to help people see that, ultimately, the eschatological feast of YHWH by which He satisfies the souls of His people and simultaneously swallows up their death IS the crucifixion of Jesus Christ….Christ Himself–as the crucified one who is risen–Christ Himself becomes the True Food and True Drink prepared on Zion’s heights, offered to His people on the table of the cross. He becomes this life-giving food for us in the moment that He swallows up death in our place and so–in that same moment–reveals to all the world who YHWH is…..So, it is at the resurrection-illumined cross, where our death is swallowed into the indomitable life of our Lord, that the nations of the world come to and share in the feast of true, life-giving food and drink–the feast upon which to feed IS to know YHWH and so IS to have eternal life.

Thanks to Caitelen Schneeberger for this beautiful rendition of a classic hymn.