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Proverbs 30:5

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Proverbs 30:5, ‘Every word of God proves true; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.’

A number of things to note in this verse. First, see the wonderful hope (or terrifying certainty, depending on the posture of our soul toward Him) that every single word God speaks WILL prove true. Period. Every promise and every warning, every proclamation and every revelation, every word He speaks—and we have these words preserved in Scripture—WILL prove true; we can—and we must—hang the full weight of our soul upon this assurance.

But then, see that every word *proves* true…this implies that there may be a time when they do not *seem* true…in other words, this demands faith. It is as if the Psalmist calls us to wait and trust and hope…that word that seems to have fallen like a lifeless seed into the ground, WILL prove true, it WILL sprout up, it WILL bear its appointed harvest…wait in hope.

See also that, *because of* the assurance that every word of God proves true, He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. He is a shield, He is a defense, He is our strong tower and shelter from every storm *because* His words prove true…and we run to that shelter *by trusting in His words.*

Now…I want to draw all of these elements together—as all things always are drawn together—in and around the person of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, the ‘Word of God’ who proves true is none other than the Enfleshed Word, God the Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. HE is the Word of God, the Promise of God, the Revelation of God, spoken from the pulpit of Calvary’s cross…the Word that seems to fall dead to the ground, and yet is proven True by His resurrection from the dead. The Word who—precisely in this death and resurrection—becomes the curse-bearing, wrath-absorbing, horror-enduring shield for all who take refuge in Him.

Every word of God proves true *because* the Enfleshed Word—in whom every word is embodied—proves true on Easter Morning. Indeed, the resurrection of the crucified Word of God IS the fulfillment of every word of God ever spoken. And on the basis of the proven truth of THIS Word, we can trust—and must—trust EVERY word. May such trust define our experience of 2022.