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Psalm 63:8

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Psalm 63:8, ‘My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me.’

This short verse is a beautiful encapsulation of the Christian life.

We cling to the Lord, we hold fast to Him, we strive to endure in the face of fear and sorrow and pain and doubt and cold affections and wayward longings – our soul presses on to cling to Him….

Yet, under all of that—very necessary—striving, is the right hand of the Lord Himself by which we are upheld. The right hand, pierced in sovereign love for us, riven through by our enmity and yet closed around us as our security; the right hand through whose wound passes the crimson cord of our assurance, binding us inseparably to the Risen One who is our life.

In the final analysis, it is the strength of His right hand, and not of my clinging soul, that determines my destiny…

So, may we cling to Him…may we fight to continue in the faith, not shifting from the hope of the Gospel that we heard, may we labor in prayer and worship and song and love and joy and beauty and service and obedience to cling to the one who is our all in all….And, may all of our clinging be undergirded by the bedrock assurance that it is His right hand—the same right hand that stretched out the heavens and was stretched out on the cross—that finally and decisively upholds us.

Hallowed be His name.