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The Gospel – II – Creation

The Gospel - II - Creation
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This one is based on the Creation account, especially the creation of humanity in Genesis 1:26-27.

God, who eternally enjoys the fellowship of Himself within Himself through the reciprocal love of Father and Son in the Spirit, now creates a universe through which He will externally communicate the excellence of His own internal life. All things exist to communicate Godself to what is not God. Creation is, you might say, the Triune God speaking His Name “outloud.”

Within this Theo-centric vision of creation, Humanity is the crowning moment since, in Adam and Eve (two people bound together in a union of love), the Triune God has placed an image or analogy of Himself as ruler over all things. The Created world is to be an externalized re-presentation of the internal beauty of God’s own life, with Adam and Eve—and their offspring—as the representatives of God in the world. And as images, they are designed to live as God lives, that is to say, to derive all their good from God Himself, knowing and loving the Tri-Personal God as He knows and loves Himself and, therefore, communicating His fullness to all of nature.

This is the second step in the story. All things are fit perfectly to God’s good purposes…and yet, Creation is teetering on the edge of a dramatic upheaval.