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The Gospel – III – Rebellion

The Gospel - III - Rebellion
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This third picture in a seven picture series is taken mainly from Genesis 3:6, but also has elements of Jeremiah 2:13.

Humanity was created to enjoy and so to declare the excellence of the Triune God. That is what every longing in our heart, mind, and body exists for—as mediums through which to know and enjoy and so communicate the supremacy of the Father in the Son by the Spirit.

However, when presented with the option of rising up and taking a perceived good for themselves (rather than waiting in humble submission for “every good gift” to come down to them from the Father of Heavenly Lights, Js.1:17), our first parents turned their backs on Him for whom they were made, put their confidence in themselves, and ran after an illusory good.

This primordial act of rebellion—like a hammer blow to an aluminum rod—“bent” the soul of humanity away from the God and toward Not-God. From this point on the needle of desire in the human soul would point at anything and everything except the Triune God, and so we would spiral into deeper and deeper opposition to one another, to the world, and to our Maker.

The harmony of creation has fallen into dissonance…yet heard faintly in all the chaos—like a silver bell amidst clashing symbols—is a single clear note of hope (Gen.3:15)….