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Art and Scripture

My hope is that these cards will equip us to spread seeds of the gospel to people with whom we might not be able to have a full conversation (servers, gas station attendants, toll booth operators, etc.).

NOTE 1: Unlike all the other resources on this site, I am charging for these cards because there is some cost involved in printing and shipping them. Anything left over after these costs are covered will simply be received as though it were a donation to the ministry.

NOTE 2 – If you would like to get some cards but the cost prevents you from ordering them, please contact me and we will work something out.



The Offspring



The Cross


Iniquity of us all



The Iniquity of Us All

The Iniquity of Us All (en español)

The Iniquity of Us All (em português)

made alive_fx


Made Alive




Peace (en español)

Peace (em português)

The Exchange_fx



The Exchange

Each of these cards has a link to FullofEyes.com. This is not an attempt at self-promotion, rather, it will allow the people that you leave the cards with to view all the resources on this site – especially the full length gospel tract on the landing page.

Additionally, there is enough space on the back of most of the cards for you to write your contact info so that an interested person can follow up with you (that way you can plant and cultivate gospel seeds in people’s hearts).

Thanks, and feel free to message me with any questions!