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Psalm 57:8

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Psalm 57:8, ‘[I will sing and make melody!] Awake my glory! Awake, O harp and lyre! I will awake the dawn!’

The Glory of God is that Body that hangs in terrible beauty upon the cross. That Crucified Lord, that Pierced One, that shattered Heart, that One who gives His flesh as food and His blood as drink, whose whole self is spent in the ineffable love that is God’s own life—this one is the Glory of God (Jn 13:31-32, etc.)…And it is precisely this one—this Crucified One who is the Glory—that is raised up on Easter Morning…. ‘Awake, my Glory’…the words of Resurrection spoken over, in, and as the Beloved Son….

And with His rising, in truth, the Dawn awakes. There is, rightly speaking, no dawn apart from His resurrection…The rising of the sun, the scattering of the night, the song of the birds, the illumining of the sky, the return of light and of joy and of peace beyond the darkness—these things are empty phenomenon, vain lies, meaningless concatenations of molecules if there is no resurrection of the Crucified Lord. Apart from the resurrection, ‘Dawn’ as a truth, as witness, as a model and image and concept does not exist. There is no Dawn if there is no Easter morning.

Yet, with the resurrection, the true Dawn wakes for the first time…the true Day begins—at last—to break, and in so doing, singing birds in sunlit trees become hymning seraph around the throne of the resurrection-illumine cross and all Dawn, all rising light, all dissolving of the dark becomes true…becomes itself…becomes—and is fulfilled as—a promise…

‘Awake, my glory! Awake, O harp and Lyre! I will awake the Dawn!’